Welcome to the Cook County Treasurer's Tax Objection Calculator

This site may be used by attorneys or their agents to submit requests for tax objection refund calculations. When provided the proposed values of PINs that are the subject of a tax objection complaint, the site is designed to calculate the refund amounts available as of the date of the calculation. However, the available refund amount calculated by this site might change if there is a transaction on the PIN between the date of the calculation and the date the refund is issued.

Except in certain anomalous scenarios, the site will output a printable document that constitutes the Treasurer's certification of the conditional refund amounts due. That document may be used in lieu of the traditional "green stamp" to support proposed tax objection refund orders. Click here for instructions on how to use this site.

Law firms must be registered to use the site before individual attorneys or their agents can use the site. Click here to register your law firm.